Displays interactive anatomy of the human body in 3D

3dBody is a 3D interactive digital anatomy software program that reconstructs the human body 3-dimensionally so it is easy to peruse the complex details and relations of its parts.

Each and every structure in the human body is digitally sculpted and deployed in its true anatomical position. The positioning is based on CTs, MRIs, real time dissections and authentic text books.

The human body’s systems available to view are the cardiovascular (circulatory), digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, nervous, sensory (ear and eye), urinary/reproductive, respiratory, integumentary, skeletal and musculature systems.

The 3dBody is a portable software program that uses little space and saves the current human anatomy image in all kinds of sizes for further study, explanation, printing, and so on.

3dBody has a fully navigable and user-friendly 3D environment that allows the user to cruise among the rich details of the human body. With just a click of a mouse, the object is immediately displayed.

Every structure can be rotated, hidden, zoomed and made transparent. 3dBody is a scientifically accurate and artistically perfect 3D rendering of the human body.